Plays of FAITH in SOCIETY, including SOCIAL JUSTICE (International Human Rights and Women's Rights)

Purchase One Act and Full Length Plays for Your Church, Organization or Theatre.

Award winning playwright Delvyn Case Jr offers a large library of short and full length plays for your consideration of your church, school and theatre companies. With topics ranging from seasonal holidays, current events and Christian history as well as social justice (international human rights and women's rights). His intriguing oeuvre (body of work) is available for your company to produce. His plays have been produced nationwide as well as internationally. 90% of the plays available to you have already been produced by noted theatres and organizations. Master of the bite sized plays: enough to sink your teeth into!

Excellent for study at:


Delvyn Case, Jr directing his play "The Nziza" in Kigali, Rwanda

  • Church camps

  • Bible/Sunday school

  • Adult bible and philosophy classes

  • Small group study

Teach through performance! A table reading or staged reading can bring life to topics your group or organization is grappling with - AND MOST OF THE PLAYS ARE ONLY 5 MINUTES!

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shutterstock_320039453Featured free download: "Life Jacket"

Available to be produced at your church or school, to highlight the plight of the Syrian refugees (see download page for production rights details).

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