Performances of SETTING A PRISONER FREE at First Presbyterian Church

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My play SETTING A PRISONER FREE had 3 performances at First Presbyterian Church, Bonita Springs, Florida from 1/30/16 to 1/31/16.  Starring in the roles were three veteran actors:  Charley Nevaril as Henry Balfour, a prisoner on a French galleon; Christian Faux as John Knox, the Scottish reformer and fellow prisoner on the ship; and Jerry Terry as Louis Roux, a French officer in charge of the galley slaves.  The play, well received by the audience of over 2500, provided an introduction to the pastor’s sermon on the importance of John Knox in the Protestant Reformation and the history of Scotland and democracy.  SETTING A PRISONER FREE with revisions based upon this production is available on my website ( for your church for an exciting presentation of an important figure and event in Christian history.
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