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Let me update you on what is going on in Maine: Maine Restaurant Week ran the first two weeks of March. The Snowlion Repertory Company was commissioned to produce an evening of short plays. The only stipulation to the 12 playwrights was that each play would be about food. What a feast! There were 6 sold-out performances of this very entertaining program the first week of March in Portland. My play was “Nyaring.”
The Crowbait Club meets every first Wednesday of the month. A theme is picked and playwrights bring 10 minute plays to the meeting. A cast is picked from the audience. Two minutes is given to each playwright to “direct” the play, and the play is given a staged reading. The best play of each month is selected for the yearly “King of Crows” production during which each play is fully produced. The theme for May is “Death.” Hoping my play “Scattered Ashes” will be picked.
The Maine Playwrights Festival (produced by Acorn Theater) is occurring in May. Selected plays will have a full production. At the end of the weekend, the “24 Hour Theater Project” happens. Playwrights are provided with a sentence of dialogue, a prop, and a location, and write a play over night Saturday. The casts have all day Sunday to rehearse. The plays are put on Sunday evening. What fun! I’ll be one of the playwrights.
The Snowlion Repertory Company has a monthly playlab. Selected play have a staged reading followed by a discussion of the plays by the other playwrights, cast, and directors in the playlab. In May my one-act plays “Market Day” and “Something Blue” will be staged.

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