ATTENDING REHEARSALS at the Theater At Monmouth

July 27, 2015 by in directing, Production Advice

This past week I concluded my 13th summer of attending rehearsals at the Theater At Monmouth.  The theater in Monmouth, Maine is the designated Shakespearean theater of Maine.  Over the years I have sat in on rehearsals of many plays by Shakespeare as well as other classical and modern playwrights.  This has been a wonderful opportunity of watching a director work putting the text of a play to life on the stage with actors.  During tech week, the whole production takes shape as all the elements of the show are added.  This year I attended rehearsals of  “The Winter’s Tale” and “Fallen Angels.”   This experience continues to be very valuable to me as a director and playwright.  I highly recommend contacting a local theater company to learn by becoming the audience for rehearsals.   Over thirteen years I have met a number of young actors as well as continued friendships with a many veterans who return to Monmouth each year to be part of this excellent repertory theater.  I can’t wait until next summer to do it again!

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