BLOG on SCATTERED ASHES—New Revisions (September 2015)

September 14, 2015 by in play revisions, Production Advice

There’s nothing like seeing a production or having a reading of your work to stimulate re-writing your play to improve it. Among other works, I asked my tutor, Dr. Lynn Robson, at the University of Oxford to review my play SCATTERED ASHES. We met in early September 2015. She had intriguing suggestions regarding one of the characters, especially since the play was set in a grave yard. Lynn’s comments were so helpful that I spoke with the actor whose role would be affected by the changes in the production of SCATTERED ASHES planned for November 2015 at the First Presbyterian Church in Bonita Springs, Florida. He was very enthusiastic about how the changes would enhance the character and make his acting more interesting. I have re-written the play based upon Lynn’s suggestions. The Arts Ministry Director at the church found that the changes impacted the play in a very positive manner.

Don’t be afraid of comments of those that have seen or read your plays. These comments can be keys to finding deeper treasures in your writing. SCATTERED ASHES (with the new revisions as of September 2015) is available for your church. Have you already planned a play for Reformation Sunday this year (or want to start planning for next year)? Doesn’t the story of John Wycliffe, the great English reformer and translater of the Bible into English, told by two gravediggers, intrigue you? Or is it one gravedigger and a…?

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