Production Issues


  • Easy to squeeze into a busy service.
  • One theme for the pastor or the holiday.
  • Small casts — usually only 2 or 3 actors.
  • Limited rehearsals to one blocking rehearsal and one dress rehearsal.
  • Simple staging and technical needs.



Q:  Why a 5 minute play for a church service?

A:  Unlike a 10 minute play, one key theme can be presented in 5 minutes with little impact on the duration of the service.


Q:  How large a cast do we need for 5 minute plays?

A:  Usually only 2 or 3 actors


Q:  How many rehearsals are required for 5 minute plays?

A.  Usually a 2 hour mid-week rehearsal with a 2 hour dress rehearsal on Saturday morning (with the technical staff)


Q:  Will we need microphones?

A:  If you use microphones in your sanctuary, the actors should be miked.


Q:  Are follow spots necessary?

A:  Follow spots are useful because they highlight and focus the attention of the audience.


Q:  Is make-up necessary?

A:  Actors need make-up because lighting will wash out their faces (Make-up is essential if close-ups with a video camera)


Q:  Is Delvyn available to answer specific questions regarding production issues?

A:  Contact Delvyn for help using the contact form.


Q:  How do we start a Drama program?

A:  You need:

  • 10 people interested in acting
  • A director
  • Availability of plays for production
  • Costumes
  • Make-up
  • Lighting technician (for the follow spots and control the house lights)
  • Sound technician for the mikes

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Please contact Delvyn using our form for large scale production questions and production assistance opportunities.