logo_oxfordIt was a real pleasure to see you while you were in Oxford and I’m delighted that my comments were helpful.Congratulations on the successful performance of King of Kings and I’ll look forward to seeing you again.

Dr Lynn Robson
Tutor in English Literature
Co-Convenor MSt in Women’s Studies
Regent’s Park College, Oxford

Kabul Screams was an immense pleasure to direct.This play is a serious drama that depicts non-fictional accounts of the severe patriarchal practices of abuse against immigrant women living in the United States. We did a performance at Massabesic High school,that riveted the young audience into silence. You could hear a pin drop in the auditorium. The story of Kabul Screams is so compelling and powerful, that even the toughest crowd of young teenagers gave the performers their undivided attention. A brilliantly tragic, eye-opening play.

Stephanie Ross
Artistic Director
Pie Man Theatre Company

From The Portland Phoenix, article “Playing with Food” on March 4, 2015

“Things lighten up in Hungry Like A (directed by Margit Ahlin), Callie Kimball’s dark-comic look at craving and recovery animals (about which I will spoil no more), and then turn to a dramatic gravitas in Nyaring(directed by Harlan Baker), Delvyn C. Case Jr.’s tale of war-ravaged South Sudan, where Jazooli (Bridgette Kelly) and Haidar (Aristote Hekima) are hungry enough to eat grass. ”

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