From The Portland Press Herald – Reflections: In times of stress, turn to prayer and let God handle things

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Here is a recent column in the Portland Press Herald.

An excerpt from the column:

“God can handle the stress and let you get on with your life.”

Danny said he probably felt like many of the 14.5 million cancer survivors alive in the United States today. Anxious and alone. Though 25 years had past since the diagnosis and treatment of his cancer, Danny did not have even have a doctor to give him check-ups. According to his memory, his original hematologist had discharged him after 10 years, and he had been followed by his general practitioner since – but not specifically for his leukemia. That diagnosis was not mentioned during his regular exams, though a day hardly went by that he did not think about it. Danny called it the “terror of survival.” After his GP retired, Danny called my office for an appointment because he felt someone should be looking at him once in a while. He wanted to talk.

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