From The Portland Press Herald – Reflections: We are not alone in our distress

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3662763_sHere is a recent column in the Portland Press Herald titled “God is revealed to those who seek Him.”.

An excerpt from the column:

“When Hannah left my office that fateful day, it was as sunny as when she entered it. “It should’ve been raining,” she lamented at her next appointment. “But there wasn’t even one cloud in the sky!”

Hannah felt a gentle summer breeze as she reached her car. It infuriated her. “There should’ve been a hurricane for what I’m gonna go through!” People in the parking lot walked by Hannah without acknowledging her. “No one was crying. No one was even looking at me,” Hannah sighed. “It was like nothing had happened.”

Hannah continued, “I was told I had cancer! I was scared. I was alone. Why didn’t anyone in the world know what was happening to me?””

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