Give the Girl a Break!

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GIVE A GIRL A BREAK!  Liesl is dead, at least the actress who played the oldest daughter of the von Trapp family in the movie version of “The Sound of Music.”  Discovered by the famous director Robert Wise, Charmian Carr was casted in the movie in released in 1965 that is one of the most commercially successful movies of all time and winner of 13 Academy Awards.  But success and happiness did not follow for Charmian. What support did she get from her family and loved ones?  Her bitter mother complained, “Charmian hasn’t any talent.  She’s just lucky.”  Her husband said he “didn’t want an actress for a wife.”  Charmiani was not able to follow her dreams and develop her talent.  IT CONTINUES!  What happens to Christiana, the main character in my one-act play SOMETIMES, HOPE, when she returns to her village in Nigeria with a child having been abducted and raped by Boko Haram terrorists?  How is she accepted by her family and what is her future?  IT’S STILL HARD FOR GIRLS!  My play SOMETIMES, HOPE is available on my website ( for your theater.

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