MARKET DAY and SOMETHING BLUE at the Snowlion Rep Co

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My two ten-minute plays MARKET DAY and SOMETHING BLUE received staged readings at the Snowlion Rep Co play lab last night in Portland, Maine. MARKET DAY depicts the human trafficking of captured girl age 12 in the middle east. SOMETHING BLUE depicts a young woman in Gaza, engaged to a man in the West Bank, who has not able to be united with her fiance for three years. One of my most satisfying moments during the evening was when one of the actors remarked that though the plays were set in very specific locations, they concerned universal issues and could have taken play anywhere. The women in the audience were particularly shocked at the treatment of the woman in MARKET DAY by male traders in an ISIS-held area. All in the audience sympathized with the woman in SOMETHING BLUE who could not be united with her loved one because three governments (Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank) do not consider marriage as a “humanitarian” issue. The woman is left with ironing her wedding gown daily—keeping it ready for her marriage “some day.” Both plays are available for Reading and Production on my website.

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