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IMG_0030What does your church do after communion on Maundy Thursday?  Before the service is over, consider performing my play ONE MAN, ONE TABLE that depicts Judas returning to the Upper Room after Jesus and the other disciples have left for Gethsemane.  What does Judas find?  Everything has been neatly put away in the room where the Last Supper took place except for several pieces of bread and an empty cup.  Did Judas miss something?  What is the significance of the bread and the cup that was left?  Did something new happen that had not previously been part of the Passover meal? All these issues Judas ponders.  What does Judas conclude?  What does Judas leave to do after considering all he has seen that night as well as during his three years with Jesus?

IMG_0029ONE MAN, ONE TABLE was performed at First Presbyterian Church in Bonita Springs, Florida this Maundy Thursday and at First Baptist Church, Portland, Maine several years ago.  For the play there were 500 in attendance (Florida). ONE MAN, ONE TABLE makes a powerful statement about the events of Holy Week and will enrich your Maundy Thursday church service.

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