July 20, 2015 by in play revisions, Production Advice

One of the great experiences this year has been the opportunity of collaborating with my son in writing my play NYARING. Embedded in my one-act play is a song for which I wrote the lyrics. I asked my son Delvyn who is a composer to write the music for the song. This was the first time we have worked together artistically. Not only was it wonderful to work with my son, but I learned much from the experience. As Delvyn worked on the music, it was clear that certain words and phrases had to be revised to make the overall song work. Such changes made the song build to a musical climax and resolution. Looking back on the experience I realized how the words of the song even without the music were more dramatic with the changes made. There is much to be gained through collaboration. It is exciting to see one’s work develop more fully with the input of colleagues through critical review or artistic ideas.

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