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LET THERE BE LIGHT! Proper lighting is crucial in focusing attention on the action on the stage. Don’t lessen the impact of your drama by distractions. You’ll want the best presentation of the message of a play whether it’s in a church or a Broadway theater. Don’t cheat the congregation (or audience). There’s a simple way to focus attention on the actors on the stage of your church, and it costs nothing. Start with “killing” the house (sanctuary) lights and leaving on lights limited to the area of the stage where the action takes place. This will do much! Watch the video of my play VALENTINE’S DAY 269 A.D.: THE END OF THE BEGINNING produced at the First Presbyterian Church in Bonita Springs, Florida, in February of 2015. Notice how attention is focused on the actors with the lighting “design” as described. Though you can see candlesticks on the altar, is the 150 person choir behind the action a distraction?

What’s the next step? Order an inexpensive spotlight and use it. Concurrently reduce the stage lights. You’ll like the result. You won’t accept anything less for lighting in your next drama production at church!

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