How Changing a Gender changed the response to the play “MARTIN LUTHER AT THE DIET OF WORMS: DAY OF DECISION”

November 13, 2014 by in Production Advice

It was the day I was waiting for.  Six months ago I initiated the planning of a Drama Ministry at First Presbyterian Church in Bonita Springs, Florida.  In mid September 2014 I went to Florida for casting and was pleased by the wonderful turn-out of people interested in acting as well as technical areas.  We rehearsed on Thursday and Friday with a Dress Rehearsal on Saturday.  On October 26 we had our first production to an audience of over 1200 at the church service.  MARTIN LUTHER AT THE DIET OF WORMS:  DAY OF DECISION was a success!  For an 8-minute play the two rehearsals were sufficient.  Usually for a 5-minute one rehearsal plus a Dress Rehearsal is satisfactory.  I revised this play changing the role of a novice priest interested in hearing both sides of the controversy to a nun working in the Cardinal’s office.  This gave the production additional levels of interest by dealing with what much a woman should be or could be interested in deep theological matters in 1521, and how she might react to the cogent arguments of the reformer.  The audience really appreciated the role of Justine in the production.

With “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” song by the congregation and the sermon directed toward Martin Luther and “ justification by faith,”  the play contributed to a service that fully engaged the congregation in experiencing the critical early days of the Reformation.

MARTIN LUTHER AT THE DIET OF WORMS: DAY OF DECISION is available for production at your church.

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