The King of All Kings!

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ELVIS PRESLEY LIVE IN PORTLAND, MAINE NOVEMBER 2014! Imagine a pretty announcer in a long gown approaching the microphone and shouting out the nominees for one of the 1974 Grammy Awards. She encourages the audience to respond to each name. The last nominee is Elvis and the audience goes wild! This is what happened at the Crowbait Club in Portland the first Wednesday of November. As Elvis, dressed flamboyantly and working the audience, steps to the microphone and receives his award, “How Great Thou Art” for which he won the Grammy is played as at the awards ceremony. Elvis then recounts his testimony and walk with God.

Elvis can be LIVE at your church as well in my fully revised 2014 version of THE KING OF ALL KINGS. Hear Elvis recall in his acceptance speech his stumbling as he tries to walk the Christian walk and what turned him back to God. Then let the audience (the congregation) ponder their own walk and how we must turn back over and over again!

I missed Elvis coming to Portland—he died a few days before his scheduled show in Portland decades ago. But YOU don’t have to miss him. Order THE KING OF ALL KINGS for your church and learn from Elvis about the Christian walk! By the way I still have my tickets for Elvis’ performance from 1977!

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