THE KING OF ALL KINGS: Elvis in Florida

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Elvis is on tour!  After being in my play THE KING OF ALL KINGS in Portland, Maine in the fall, Elvin is appearing at the First Presbyterian Church in Bonita Springs, Florida on February 7 and 14—probably to escape the snow and cold of winter in Maine!  THE KING OF ALL KINGS will be performed at the Great Banquet—a retreat for men and women scheduled for two consecutive weekends at the church.  Since I am playing the part of Elvis in this production, I tried on the costume at home.  My wife said I looked ridiculous!  Did she mean Elvis looked ridiculous, or that I looked ridiculous in the costume? By 1974 when this 5 minute play takes place, Elvis did look pretty bad.  The excesses of his life-style were taking a big toll on his appearance.  Despite being a Christian, he was struggling with his walk with God.  This is why THE KING OF ALL KINGS is relevant.  We can all stumble.  We all need to be continuously focused on the Lord.  It is far too easy for any of us to step away with the temptations of daily life.  There is too much GOOD out there to consume us.  Or is it always GOOD?  And then there are the consequences.  THE KING OF ALL KINGS will make for a timely sermon about Christian living by your pastor at a church service or lively discussion for a leader at a retreat or small group.  THE KING OF ALL KINGS is available for purchase and production.

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