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What is the significance of the shamrock in Christian history?  How did Saint Patrick use the shamrock to teach an important aspect of God?  Why did Saint Patrick go to Ireland the first time?  Why did Patrick go to Ireland the second time?  SAINT PATRICK 440 A.D.: MISSIONARY TO IRELAND was produced at First Presbyterian Church, Bonita Springs, Florida on Sunday March 15, 2015.  Through my play (and the pastor’s message), the audience/congregation watches and learns about early Christian history and the Christian basis of Saint Patrick’s Day.  March 17 is not about green beer!  It’s about the way of ruling a nation: vengeance or grace.  It’s a theme applicable to the days of Saint Patrick AND today.  It’s also about missions during days to Saint Patrick AND today.

3000 people were in attendance for the production in Florida!

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with SAINT PATRICK 440 A.D.:  MISSIONARY TO IRELAND in your church next year!

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