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High stakes abound in my play BABU, NO BABUJI read at the Northport Reader’s Theater on December 8, 2014: A young Indian girl is locked in the dark in her grandfather’s house, bound to a chair with a cobra loose on the floor. This tense, dramatic situation cannot be resolved until the girl agrees to become a prostitute! What if becoming a prostitute saves the family from starvation? BABU, NO BABUJI has just 2 characters (3 if you count the snake) but contains enough action to enthrall your church or theater. What should the girl do? What should the grandfather do? What should the snake do?

BABU, NO BABUJI was beautifully read at the Northport Reader’s Theater, and the conversation that followed related to the stakes each character had in the outcome of the play.

Even if our decisions aren’t complicated by a snake in the room, we can relate to the characters in BABU, NO BABUJI by considering the threatening (even life-threatening) circumstances in our own lives.

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