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What if you regret creating an invention used by millions around the world? How if that invention has caused millions of deaths around the world? This is the angst Makhail Kalashnikov felt as he faced death reading in the newspaper how he would be remembered. Kalashnikov was not alone in regretting his discovery. Albert Einstein and Alfred Nobel also lamented that their inventions/discoveries had caused great human misery and suffering. This subject of regret over one’s actions is the basis of my short play THE CONFESSION OF MAKHAIL KALASHNIKOV.

THE CONFESSION OF MAKHAIL KALASHNIKOV is now my featured play and can be downloaded for free. This thought­ provoking example of feeling responsible for one’s actions would segue intoa great sermon or group discussion on moral responsibility. None of us might discover or invent the AK­47, the atom, or dynamite, but we all are responsible for what we do—everyday.

THE CONFESSION OF MAKHAIL KALASHNIKOV has a running time of 5 minutes.

There are only two characters. The staging and costuming are both simple.

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