6th Annual 2015 Northport One-Act Play Festival

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The 6th Annual 2015 Northport One-Act Play Festival will feature 14 new plays over the weekend of April 18th-19th. All plays will be performed twice, once as a matinee and once in the evening. Actors and directors from all over Long Island will participate. Additional details can be found at www.NorthportPlays.com.

PROGRAM 1: Sat, April 18th, 3:00pm and 7:30pm
“The Wedding” by Arnold Kane, Directed by Alex Edwards-Bourdrez, with Rob Nassir and Melissa Kempton.
“The Dunes” by Mike McKenna, Directed by Alex Edwards-Bourdrez, with Mike McKenna and Stephanie Sultana.
“The Phenix Retirement Home” by Ann Fox, Directed by Liz DeFazio-Rodriguez, with Bobbie Ruth, Annette Kirk, and Ron Sabo.
“What’d You Do on Summer Vacation?” by Delvyn Case, Jr, Directed by Rich Jimenez, with Farrah Tassy, Vanessa Arthur, and Savannah Beckford.
“I Was Named By My Mother” by Michael West, Directed by Michael West and Jo Ann Katz, with Frances Rosato, Michael Raimo, Larry Maltin, Mike McKenna, and Jackie West.
“Dueling Monologues” Written, Directed and Performed by Charles Calabrese & Marion Gayer.
“The Mean Old Man” Written and Directed by Rob Previto, with Liam McDonald, Jim Bradley, and Doreen Firestone.

PROGRAM 2: Sun, April 19th, 3:00pm and 7:30pm
“Denny, Lenny and Rose” Written and Directed by Patrick Sherrard, with Teresa Bolz, Michael Mingoia and Chris Baker.
“The Kempinski Surprise” Written and Directed by SJ Richardson, with Gina Haver, Rich Jimenez, and Lara Hunter.
“Addiction” by John Passadino, Directed by Maria Capp, with Jose Ramos.
“A Show Dog’s Tale” Written and Directed by Nancie Xirinachs, with Alex Edwards-Bourdrez, Clare Lowell, Nancie Keegan, Kalene Speranza, Mike McKenna, and Nancie Xirinachs.
“Tea Leaves” by Brian J Murphy, Directed by Rob Previto, with Stephanie Sultana and Keith McHugh
“Dry Eyes” Written and Directed by Paul Rawlings, with Chris Baker and Tammy Baiko
“A Real Step Up” by Geoffrey Craig, Directed by Stan Katz, with Sheilah Barksdale, Gina Haver, and Scott McIntyre.

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